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Section VIII - Reproof and Rebuke
Matthew 21:1-23:39

NOTE: The King James version will be the primary text used in this study for no other reason than it is popular and well recognized. If another version is used, it will be cited. The text of each chapter will be shown in full, followed by commentary on selected verses. In some cases there may be multiple verses that are not discussed. In others, a single verse (or even a single word) may merit a great deal of study.

Matthew 21:1-46 (last update: 11-27-00)
SUBJECTS: The "two-Messiah" theory; Sukkot symbolism; unity of the Lord's feasts; the "den of thieves;" symbolism of the fig tree, mountains and seas; the mission of the Kingdom; commentary on Acts 2 and 3.
Matthew 22:1-46 (last update: 11-27-00)
SUBJECTS: "Many are called but few are chosen;" the Herodians; the Saducees; Levirate marriage; the resurrection; "loving God;" the Shema; the law of Moses.
Matthew 23:1-39 (last update: 11-27-00)
SUBJECTS: Authority of the Pharisees; teaching Torah correctly; not seeking positions of leadership; textual error concerning Zecharias; the "feminine" aspect of God.