(updated 1/3/2004)

First of all let me tell you what a blessing it is to have found your website. I am 41 years old and have been a Christian for nearly 8 years. I've been walking alone all the way. I am certainly no academic but I have studied really hard since I was touched by God in an effort to have an acceptable relationship with Him. Let me tell you it has not been easy. At times I questioned my sanity and my every motive. For some reason I'm unable to relate to other Christians; something has never felt quite right within the church. Every time I went to a sermon I would be so bitterly disappointed. I was very critical of its ways. I could see no light at the end of the tunnel. 

Then about 4 months ago I stumbled across an article called "Not Subject to the Law of God?" It has changed my life. It opened my eyes to the truth about Torah, about Yeshua and about Shu'al. It has brought me closer to God and now I love my religion. I love the Jewishness of it all. I use Hebrew terms and names, observe Shabbat from sunset on Friday to sunset on Saturday (with my Shabbat candles). I avoid non kosher food, I now for the first time have what you could call a prayer life. I got a copy of Jewish NT commentary and waiting on my copy of Jewish NT. I truly love the Torah.  I live and breath Torah and I'm so hungry and thirsty for knowledge. Your letters ' Tree of Life' and 'Sign of the times' are truly eye-opening statements. And to read letters from other people all over the world going through the same experience as myself is such a relief and a comfort to know that the Creator truly is at work in the world.

I just wanted to comment on the article you wrote. I really feel sick about it. I can tell you that I have been following the Lord for about eighteen years now and the past four years have been so different for me. I came to know about Shabbat and other things pertaining to my jewish roots. I am so fascinated about every thing right now. When I first was confronted about the Shabbat I was angry also. I used all of the familiar scriptures that christians quote so easily. I remember asking the Lord and crying out to him for the truth of every thing because I felt that the truth wasn't given to me. The Lord is so faithful to answer your prayers. I know that I have been grafted into the vine, and because of that I am spiritually jewish. My Lord was jewish, the diciples were jewish, the word of the Lord is jewish, there is no way that you can deny your roots. Remember, a lot of the things that christians are being taught have come down from many generations of traditions. Traditions are very hard to break. When you are taught as a child that Jesus is christian and the focus is on the christian part of the scriptures, and not jewish, it is a fight to the finish. These people really believe what they believe.

I can tell you that I am a seeker and because of that the Lord has honored me with allowing me to see. The first time I heard about the Shabbat, I was sitting in a church and the teacher was talking about Saturday instead of Sunday being the true day to follow, I wanted to run out of there so badly. I got so upset that I started to cry. These people were nuts as far as I was concerned. No one said any thing to me. I wanted to prove them wrong, so I started to study this new thing. Low and behold, the word of the Lord is truth. Now I have a hard time because every one in the christian circle think that I am the crazy one. All I can say is pray for the christian believers. Prayer is what it will take to change lives and living the truth in front of them without wavering and getting offended.

I love my jewish brothers and sisters. I am very grateful to the Lord every day for his truth that he has given me. Never do I ever want to change this. I want to study the hebrew language and learn about the feasts, and every thing else that Satan has robbed me of all these years. I can tell you that it is Satan that has blinded a lot of people to the truth, he doesn't want any one to follow the laws of G-d because he really believes that he is the supreme. When I heard about Shabbat, dietary, etc. I wrestled for two weeks straight. I could not sleep, I kept going over the scriptures and going over the scriptures, thinking it was wrong and just maybe I could show these people. Finally, I told the Lord I would give up and allow him to teach me, that is what has happened. So my dear friend, may the grace of our Messiah keep you strong and remember, we are in the last days and things will get more intense. Keep your eyes focused on the eternal and very soon, we will be in a wonderful place, with no more hatred. Blessings to you, Shalom.

My beloved brothers/sisters. Searching the internet for studies in the chumash last week , I "coincindentaly" discoverd your website. I made personal copies of your Matthew studies (if I am allowed to!!) and I am just astounded by the vast information I got. I am ashamed, being a Gentile believer, that so much misunderstanding occured during the past 2000 years. I bless and thank ha Shem that finally now all these misunderstandings and off-track theologies are dealt with and that at last, Jewish as well as Gentile believers can finally know what the Bible really says. Your studies on Matthew made a lot clear for me, for understanding these sacred Scriptures. May the Almighty bless you and keep you.

Todah Rabbah to Yashanet, I am encouraged by your web site. I, my family, my pastor and a few others have recently started a new ministry due to a strong spirit of anti-Semitism and opposition to the foundations of the word of Elohim. My pastor was accused of trying to make them Jews. These people felt they were losing their standing in there organization, so in order to keep peace for there sake and allow them to continue in the traditional teaching of there organization, he resigned as pastor of the church whom many were against the Hebrew language. A few months ago I had finished First Fruits of Zion’s HaYesod, so I appreciate your articles on the Torah and the history truths of the Bible. I am a student of the Hebrew language, who also teaches Beginners Biblical Hebrew. "Signs of the Times" was also encouraging, keep up the good work and spreading the real gospel of Yeshua.

Greetings in the Lord. I have just finished my first reading of the study of Revelation, and I felt that I must tell you what a joy it has been. Here in the UK the level of Biblical teaching is as Paul said, like being given milk. At last I have found meat, it is taking some digesting and I am having to look at the Word with new eyes. As Torah Believers in Yeshua, my wife and I come under considerable pressure being told that we are going back under the Law and it is difficult to explain our stand because they don’t understand about Torah, God’s Feasts or indeed anything to do with Jewish insight. That blank page between the O/T and N/T is an impenetrable wall to many Christians. Thank you once again, the Lord Bless you

I've been waiting for the "Opinion" section to get off the ground since July, The first installment is truly an appropriate entry. (Signs of the Times: Growing Christian anti-Torah Hostility) Yes, there does seem to be an inordinate amount of hostility to the message of Torah observance. The reasons behind this hostility is that which is important and that which needs examination. The message of Torah observance implies practice, doing something, a connection between ideology and practice. The predominate idea in contemporary Christianity is that what is needed, and all that is needed, is right thinking or correct doctrine. The idea is that one has only to get the formula right, and that application of that formula is irrelevant. Torah observance challenges this idea. To accept the message of Torah observance the typical Christian is faced with the need to change his ways, to practice what he preaches. To practice Torah means submission of the will along with the intellect. The typical Christian will accept obedience to the laws of the Father as being optional, but he will not accept obedience to these laws as a requirement for his salvation. He will not even accept obedience as a indication of his faith. I'm looking forward to further installments of the "Opinion" section.

Your article (Signs of the Times: Growing Christian anti-Torah Hostility) is right on the money. I am a sysop for a so called Theology chat room. When I speak about my belief in Torah or my hebraic viewpoints in regard to the W-rd. I am attacked from all sides. I too have read the web sites you discussed in this article. I would love to see sound biblical arguments refuting these attacks. It is indeed dark days that we live in. May you be blessed in your ministry to expose the truth about G-d's Torah.

I am a gentile believer and am very grateful to HaShem for your presence on the web. I live in Salt Lake City, Utah - a desert of spiritual growth among many other things. We felt alone in our studies until we found your web site. My daughter, 16 and I started studying our Jewish roots about 2 years ago and have decided to align ourselves with the root of our YHVH! Thank you for the studies and food for thought that you have provided. My husband recently read the paper about Christians and the Law and he is now trying to follow Torah as well, in fact, he just celebrated his 1st Sabbath! Blessed be the name of Adonai! I must ask you if you know of any mission filed my daughter could go. She is called in that direction and has looked into groups on the web and found Teen International. What we fear is the Christian doctrine-not so much that she would be swayed by it, but that she would have to teach it. She wants to work. She is interested in building and orphanage or something of use. Any thoughts or leadings would help us in this matter.

I just finished reading the article "Not Subject to the Law of God?" What the author said made sense to me, and resonated within my spirit. I am a gentile believer with Jewish roots. I want to begin observing the Torah. Where can I find more specific information on which teachings are for today? Also, I have already begun to observe the kosher teachings I am familiar with, but I am not sure if I am aware of all the teachings. I have been told, for example, that not mixing meat with milk is a tradition, not part of the Torah. I would like to separate Jewish tradition from Torah. Where can I find more information on this? Last, but not least, what articles or books do you recommend for a clearer understanding of the Jewish culture and traditions during the time the bible was written? And, well, any good informative books or articles on any part of messianic Judaism would be appreciated. Thank you very much for shining the light on a clear and present work of the Holy Spirit, bringing His people back together.

Thank you so much for your articles on the torah. Surely when the "chrisitan community" as it is finds out the truth about the torah and observance of such they will truly be free. I prayed earnestly that G-d would lead me to a website to confirm what has been a long journey in my christian walk, that the sabbath remains and the law and the prophets are not just history. Again, my humble thanks for being there.

I have been a believer for over thirty years. In this period of time I have read enormous amounts of commentary on the faith, but I can't remember anything that has been as revealing as TORAH, ETZ CHAIM. The material at YashaNet may be directed at those of the Jewish faith, but I feel that the material has just as much applicability to the gentile believer. YashaNet has a message that all of Christianity needs.

I am a Messianic gentile, and I was impressed and SHOCKED. to think that my family could go through the Tribulation cause they are not
willing to believe in the Validity of the Torah. They are Fundamental Independent Baptist, very strong in their ways. but I fear stagnate and
to strong headed for their good. Please keep them in your prayers and keep up the good work.

Shalom. I just wanted to say thank you for your web site. I read the article "A wake up call for gentiles and Jews," I so enjoyed it and it fit me
perfectly! It has been hard to explain to family on my views. I use to call myself a Christian but had problems with some of their ways. Recently I
prayed to G-d for guidance in my life and found myself being drawn closer to the Jewish Laws and Customs. My whole goal is to have a better walk with the Lord and your article put my feelings and experiences down on paper. Now I will be able to share it to my family and hope they will understand better. Thank you once again.

What a most beautiful and accurate article. Thank you so much. As an ex-catholic married to a completely secular Jew, my journey to the Torah life has been most unusual. My husband, children, and both surrounding families think I am having some sort of life crisis and am resolving it by trying to live Torah. YHVH is the most patient and merciful of teachers, is He not? He has had to lead me step by step because I know not another living soul who follows Torah; or who even knows anything about what I am talking about when I say Yahshua lived and taught Torah. Last Sabbath I woke up with the realization that only YHVH can make me acceptable to Him. So, this week my continual prayer has been, "Make me acceptable, YHVH, You make me acceptable---" Imagine my delight at reading your article and the four steps of redemption. How wonderful of Him to allow me to know that maybe I am getting somewhere after all! Love the Yashanet website and will visit often. Thank you so very much for such encouragement.

I had to send this in appreciation of the many invaluable lessons you have on your Site. They have been an answer to many of my recent teachings on our walk in Messiah. I try to give this URL out to all that ask for my favorite sites. Though I do have many sites bookmarked, this is one of the few that I always frequent and suggest as a starting and finishing point for anyone wishing to be enlightened on the Torah's continuing role in the believer's life. Thank you for a wonderful and Biblically fulfilling site.

Yashanet provides a needed resource for those like myself and others who feel that the Torah is applicable to all believers today. The material
assists me, as I'm sure it does others, to understand exactly why we cannot reject the Torah and call ourselves children of the Father. This is a
message that all gentiles should hear and understand. In rejecting the Torah we have cut ourselves off from many blessings from the Father. May the Father bless the work at Yashanet.

My wife and I read your article, "Not Subject to the Law of God?" today. It came to us via e-mail a couple days ago. What a piece of work! Thank you for such a well done, concise presentation. My "journey" has led me away from my Baptist background and straight toward Torah observant Messianic Judaism. Of late, I've had urges to move to where there are like believers. Having read your article today, the desire has enlarged. (We live in S.E. Mississippi and there is absolutely nothing here.) Here's a thought for you. Ever wonder why folks are so interested in the Ark of the Covenant when there is so much despite for the Covenant of the Ark? Shalom and thank you very much for the wonderful presentation.

Hi there, shalom! I'm living in Indonesia and last year I declared myself as a Nazarene. I really felt blessed reading your article "Not Subject to the Law of God?". This is the best Messianic-related article I've ever read. It shows me more understanding and how to defense our faith among Christians. Truly, I really love your article. I want to translate it to my language in order to promote the Nazarene-Judaism belief system in my country. Could I get your permission for doing so ?

Thank you for this site which is proving to be a blessing to my life. I am a Christian congregational pastor from Pa. USA. As you may discern, I am in a position of being a teacher. My (somewhat amazing to me) dilemma is that I am at the beginning of a LEARNING journey, and the things I am coming to accept are far more full than the things I've been taught, and am teaching. For example I sincerely believe that I have yet to read my Bible with a mind to become more "Torah observant". And this is now important to me. So many things that I have dismissed as not pertaining to me, each day I am called to re-examine them and I am changing in a way that I am unfamiliar with. This process is important because I need to understand enough to believe, and then that change is accepted. After I learn and believe. I am praying that this journey is familiar to you and that you may have suggestions as to safe, nurturing, "stepping places" along this journey. Thank you for listening.

I read the information in your website. It so happens that the questions I asked to most of the so called pastors I've met could not give me a convincing answer especially about Christian practices as what is written in the Bible. At present, I opted not to be affiliated with any "Christian" denomination here in my country. (Philippines) Although my country is known as the only "Christian" nation in the southeast, but in practices; whether a roman catholic or protestant; as far as I observed, WE ARE NOT. It's been quite a long time that I'm searching for an assembly that seriously concern about the roots of Christian faith and practices but I found none. Most of the so called "Christian" congregation here in the Philippines are still inclined to the anti-Jew idea . As a result, our Christianity is either "Americanized Christianity" or "Romanized Christianity". They believe that G-d has abandoned Israel. But I believe on the contrary.

By faith I believe G-d will not fail his covenant as he promised to Abraham and Jacob. Now I'm aware that my Christian belief is not as Chassid (am I using the right word?) as it ought to be. My wish is that before I leave this life , I will be a CHRISTIAN IN CHASSID sense. I do believe that Yeshua Ha Massiah died to redeem me from my sin and I desire to live that faith the way it should be, the way it was practiced by the early Christians, as Jewish as Rabbi Yeshua taught them. I am a Filipino, a Gentile. I ask your advice how I can make my wish a reality. Can I be accepted to be in the same faith with your congregation?

Shalom for you, I live in Jakarta, Indonesia. I'm really enjoying your sites and get much explaining about why gentiles also can keep the Torah ! Since long time ago I'm doubt about that, but some articles on your site make me more conviction about it. I just want to ask you, may I translate some articles from your site to Indonesian languages on my homepage. I think it will also help my friends here to know about the Yeshua's teaching more. Of course I will still note that was translated from your articles (or the author). Or must I ask direct to the author? Thank you.

I have been reading and searching for a good explanation of the truth of Gods revelation to us. I have read so many books and visited so many websites that I feel I have a right to make a statement. (My opinion). In Herman Wouks book, "This is my God", I agree fully with the statement that there is Torah and all else is commentary. As I see it my commentary on it all includes your Website. I find Yashanet as close as anything I have ever read to accurately conveying the meaning of what it's all about as regarding belief in the Bible and its message. My mother has told me that from my toddler days I have had a strange attraction to the "Jewish" perspective about God. I fully believe that common sense and the world in which we live prove the Bible as something far above an interpretation of a belief system. I stand firm in my convictions that belief in Yeshua as the Messiah has got to come from the Tanakh. That the people of Israel are a blessing to the earth as set aside by the real God for His purposes. That a remnant of believers always do the will of God and see to it that "The river of life can flow to the world".

I agree with your organization and I feel of the myriads of "Commentaries" I have read in my days, that you have well reasoned points on the issues and I encourage you to continue to contend for the faith. For whatever reason God had in letting "Christendom" continue for the last 1900 years, with its rediculous and evil "interpretations" and outcomes for so many innocents throughout its time, I now am finding great comfort in seeing Jesus returned to the people of the covenant and seeing such excellence in the handling of the Gospel and explanations of its REAL meanings. I truly cannot convey how much I appreciate what Yashanet is involved in. I know that there are flesh and blood people working so hard to bring me this kind of information. I thank you all very much.

Thank you very much for that information, there has been many differences in Christian denominations not only on this subject but others. Perhaps you might be able to help me. I have just got on the Internet and wish to learn as much as possible about messianic Judaism. I have been going to anything on the net that might help me, yet I haven't come up with a whole lot. Can a Christian or should a Christian desire to become a messianic Jew? I have in the last few years become dissatisfied with what the various Christian denominations teach. They leave things out and add things to the word of G-d until I have no longer a desire to listen to these half-truths and out and out lies. But I don't want to anger G-d, I just don't feel like I can learn enough, yet I want to have a close personal relationship with Him. What can I do?

Shalom, Read on this Shabbat your article "Not Subject to the Law of God?" My first reaction is "Amen!" I was born and raised as a Calvinist. In my conformative years, the late thirties, I was told that ours was the only true religion and belonging to another religion was a sin. We were also taught that for a Jew to be saved, he had to be baptized as a Christian and renounce his Jewishness and obliterate all traces of his or her Jewish descent, as indeed my maternal ancestors have done. It might have saved my mother with her Jewish features from deportation or worse by the Germans. but I think now that this was an awfully thing to do.

For forty odd ears I accepted all that was told me from the pulpit, my excuse being "They have to account for what they are teaching" However YHVH opened my eyes a little bit at the time. Now after many more years of His teaching YHVH is showing me that all these things I discovered are correct and that I am not a fluke with some odd ideas of his own. He does this by showing me articles like yours and others, showing me that all these things are also revealed to others. Unfortunately (or not?) am I confined to the Internet for fellowship with like-minded people. There are not many that I am aware of in my neighborhood. Although I am seeing some fruits of my Evangelizing among the Christians I do associate with. The problem is that many of the people can not believe that they "have been had" for about 1700 years by the Church. The leaders cannot admit that they have been wrong because they loose face. Actually the Tenach teaches that people are being blinded by their idolatry.

The Church is caught in a loop. They are blind because of the pagan worship and the pagan worship prevents them from seeing the truth. Luckily some blind people are not lost but they have to grope their way and stumble over every obstacle. Personally I am wondering why Yahweh opened my eyes and not those of others around me. That is except my wife and one of my children. I still haven't got everything right but I am still learning and your article and others are giving me points of thought and contemplation. I intend to put a direct link to your article on my web site, since it underlines many of the issues in my articles. I like the idea of being able to load down all the relevant articles on one page.

I really don't know what I’m looking for other than the truth. I am a Christian but I have felt for some time there is something I am missing and feel that the holy spirit is leading me to study more about the Jewish religion and what the bible really says. I have wondered for some time about what the bible really says and what are we missing by the interpretations that we have -- why and where is the G-d of the bible that dwelled and spoke to his people, and when Yeshua ascended in to heaven to said the works I have done, even greater shall you do. I wonder why aren't we seeing these works. Is it because we have truly missed something? Is it because we have not been told the truth? Is it because we have been taught false doctrines? I just feel I’ve missed something along the way. Just like Christmas -- and the way the Christian word celebrates it, and then to see that I have been told a lie about it my whole life leaves me a little bewildered and confused. I wondered what else I have been lied to about. I just want to know the truth!