Anti-Semitism In Germany

Arutz Sheva - Monday, November 18, 2002 / 13 Kislev 5763

Modern-day Jew haters chanting "Judenraus" (Jews out!), "Jews have no God," and "Jews are to blame for everything" disrupted a ceremony earlier this month to rename a Berlin street "Judenstrasse" (Street of the Jews).  Other recent anti-Semitic incidents in Germany include the drawing of a swastika on a guest book at the Sachsenhausen concentration camp; swastikas and arson at a memorial to Jews in a town north of Berlin; and the publication of poll-findings that most Germans believe Jews are exploiting the Holocaust to further their interests.

Paul Spiegel, head of Berlin's Central Council of Jews, told Reuters that the city's street renaming ceremony was "a painful reminder to us of the conditions in the late 1920s," just before Hitler took power, when the largely integrated German Jewish community began to be ostracized and persecuted.

Reprinted from Arutz Sheva