4-23-02 - Anti-Semitic literature full of incitement and and hatred towards Israel, Zionism and the Jewish People that is disseminated and is accorded wide resonance in the Palestinian Authority


IDF Spokesperson's Office 23 April 2002

Original Arabic material

"Zionazism", is an anti-Semitic book full of false information and nonsense overflowing with hatred and venom towards Israel, Zionism and the Jewish People that was published in Bethlehem and was captured by the IDF in Arafat's Palace in Bethlehem (a luxurious building that was built in order to house Arafat while visiting the area). The book was given by its author (a member of the Palestinian National Council) with a handwritten dedication to Dr. Yussuf Abdallah, a close associate of Arafat and head of his Presidential Guard. It is of note that anti-Semitic literature (e.g. Mein Kampf, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion) is circulated and widely distributed in the Palestinian Authority and constitutes another tool in the campaign of incitement and dissemination of expressions of hatred being conducted systematically by the PA (including its education system) against the State of Israel and the entire Jewish People.

1. Among the documents captured in "Arafat's Palace" in Bethlehem was a 500 page anti-Semitic book entitled: "The Zionazism - Fight it before it kills you".

2. The book, which was dedicated to the martyrs of the "Palestinian Revolution", was written by Mustafa Ahmis, the Secretary General of an ephemeral party "The United Palestinian Arab Party, (the return)" and member of the Palestinian National Council. On the first page is a handwritten
dedication to Dr. Yussuf Al Abdallah, Arafat's close associate and head of the elite unit that constitutes Arafat's Presidential Guard. The book was published by "Matba'at Al Jarashi" in Bethlehem.

3. On the book's cover is an abstract of the book's contents, as follows: a. The Jews of our times are not the descendants of Abraham or related to him.

  • The origin of today's Jews is from various nations, religions and peoples, therefore the Jews are not our cousins.
  • The current Bible and Talmud are not god given.
  • A small number of Jews reached Palestine in the past. They lived east of Mt. Se'ir and later became extinct.
  • The God of the Jews (Jah-we) was created from an ancient volcano above the hills of Yemen. But what about Allah, praised be his Name, who is an answer to (Jah-we) (note: meaning that there is only the Moslem Allah).
  • The temple was never built, neither in Jerusalem nor anywhere else.
  • Zionism is the Eighth Crusade. The Zionists are occupiers, crusaders and pirates who arrived from overseas, as planned by the imperialistic countries, notably the US.
  • Hitler never murdered nor incinerated Jews in gas chambers.
  • Relinquishing the liberation of Jerusalem constitutes great treachery.
  • Relinquishing the refugees right to return is even greater treachery.
  • The Zionazi settlement is a tumor (these are highly-developed and advanced military bases).
  • One of Zionism's goals is to impose a degrading surrender on our people.
  • Some Arab leaders and some Palestinians conspired against the Palestinian problem.
  • Rabbi Ovadia Yossef suffers from a persecution complex, or from schizophrenia and a persecution and superiority complex.

The book includes A dedication by the book's author, Mustafa Ahmis to Dr. Yussuf Abdallah, Arafat's close friend and head of his Presidential Guard