April 14, 2002 - From IMRA

The death toll in Thursday's truck bomb outside the Riba Synagogue in Gerba, Tunisia has risen to 15, with the deaths of two German tourists this morning. Among the dead were ten German tourists, three local Tunisians, and two Frenchmen… In Kiev, Ukraine, vandals attacked the main synagogue there while several dozen worshipers were inside. The rabbi of the nearby Chabad yeshiva was wounded... The Simon Wiesenthal Center issued its first-ever travel advisory on Friday, urging its 400,000 constituents to exercise "extreme caution" when visiting France and Belgium. The Center noted that more than 400 hate crimes against Jews and Jewish institutions
have been recorded in the past 18 months in France, and that Belgium's Chief Rabbi, among others, has been assaulted on the streets of Brussels...

Some 20 tombstones in a Jewish cemetery in Strasbourg, France, were defaced over the weekend, with Nazi swastikas painted on them. Police arrested three people in connection with the incident. French officials say that anti-Semitic attacks throughout the country have begun to number ten a day, including the brutal beating last week of a Jewish soccer player by a gang of 15 hooded men wielding metal bars.